A little about me

Learning to live life on purpose - with purpose!

I was an overwhelmed mom, wife, Christian, woman battling a mood disorder and painful past.And boy, was I lacking in joy. Lacking in purpose.

God has so much for us to enjoy in this life and for too many years I lived in bondage to my past and my own self loathing.

I am still very much a work in progress. I mean come on, aren't we all?

But through my journey I have discovered how to thrive with mental illness, grow in my faith. And I have developed a passion to help women transform their lives by helping them root their identity and confidence in Christ.

To move from broken to brave. To rewrite our stories from victim to victor.

So whether it is Coffee with Carla (LIVE daily on Facebook at 9AM EST), sharing my battle with mental illness, finding the right shade of lipstick, travel adventures or my mom shenanigans ...

... will you join me?

Let’s travel this journey together and learn to live life with purpose. 💙

Recent Speaking Engagements

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Hear Jodi and I discuss life, faith and mental illness.

Sweeter Than Honey

Here Carla talk about identity

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