It happened.

I turned 40 (GASP).

And honestly, it was kind of hard for me.  

What is it about numbers going up that totally freaks us ladies out?!?!?  I sense a future blog post topic …..

But back to 40.

As I was in Las Vegas on a birthday trip, I took some time to reflect.  About life. About love. About parenthood. About A LOT of things.

I realized that I have gained some wisdom in my 40 years - mostly through mistakes made, opportunities missed and hard lessons learned.

But wisdom nonetheless.

So in a homage to my 40 years, here are 40 things I’ve learned … so far.

1. Don’t let stereotypes define you. Other people’s uneducated opinions don’t matter.

2. We are the only ones responsible for our happiness.

3. Comparing is a kill-joy. Just don’t do it.

4. Every once in awhile you’ll completely suck at something. Don’t set up camp there. Move on.

5. It's okay to laugh at yourself. In fact, you should.

6. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Oprah.  Bill Gates.  And you.

7. You must move your body everyday.

8. I have had every colour of hair under the sun.  I feel the most me blonde so I might as well just stick to it and stop trying to reinvent myself through hair drama. It’s okay to stick with what works.

9. Don’t try to fit the mold. You’re one of a kind baby. DO YOU.

10. You will not be everyone's cup of tea.  And that’s okay.

11. I feel better when I drink all the water I’m supposed to. So will you.

12. Wear a well fitted bra. No matter how big or small your tatas are.

13. On the boobie subject - get to know yours. Learn to give yourself a breast examination.

14. I am more than a wife and mother.  Yes, they are important roles. But I am more. We are more.

15. Don’t be afraid of your mental health.

16. Don’t give your power away to a silly boy because you think you need he’s validation.  You don’t.  You are strong and worthy and valuable.

17. There is a beautiful strength in vulnerability.

18. The scale is not your friend, it’s an accuser.  And you don’t need that type of relationship in your life.

19. Don’t be afraid to say what you need.

20. You can never own too many pairs of underwear.

21. It’s okay to switch course in life.  What you thought you needed and wanted is allowed to change with time, experience and growth.

22. It’s not okay to give up just because it’s hard. You will miss out on opportunities for growth, relationships, success and more if you shy away from hard.

23. Take time to travel. See the world. It’s worth the investment.

24. Marriage is a lot less like a fairy tale and way more like work.  But if you commit to the process of growing together the work can be fun.

25. Feed your body AND mind with quality stuff.

26. At some point in your life you will soberly soil yourself.  You will feel mortified in the moment but it will make a hilarious party story.

27. You are not less sexy because you like underwear that covers your butt.

28. Having at least one great girlfriend you can share your heart with is a blessing and a treasure.  Put yourself out there to find that connection. Then nurture it.

29. Serving boxed mac and cheese will not define your motherhood.

30. Being a calm and patient mother will.  Make sure you take care of you so you can offer that up to your babies.

31. Buy the leather pants.  Trust me.

32. Therapy is a gift that everyone should open. We all have hurts that need healing and perspectives about ourselves that need changing.

33. Your past may have helped shape you, but it in no way binds you.

34. Don’t cut your own hair.  Seriously. Just don’t.

35. Create a long term vision for yourself.  What legacy do you want to leave? Get specific and write it down!

36. Remember, the journey to the destination doesn’t have to be fixed - be flexible about your plans but locked on your vision.

37. Don’t let your sex life with your spouse die - even with the busyness of kids and work. Find a way, make it happen.

38. There is no greater peace than knowing that God’s got me.

39. I literally have never regretted buying a pair of shoes.  Get the shoes.

40. The best is yet to come.

Which point resonated most with you?  Let me know in the comments below!