These last few days my anxiety has been running HIGH.⁣  

I’ve felt like there has been a huge weight on my chest. Like it’s hard to breathe. My mind has been racing about everything and nothing all at once.  I haven’t felt settled.

I’m anxious about the holidays.⁣

I’m anxious about growing my ministry next year.⁣

I’m anxious about Caleb going into highschool.⁣

Pretty much, I’m anxious about the future. Short and long term.⁣

Isn’t that just the way anxiety likes to creep in.⁣

Make us worried and overwhelmed about what MIGHT happen.⁣

It robs us of our present. ⁣It robs us of our peace.  It robs us of our joy.  And ultimately robs us of the impact we could be making in the here and now.

It makes us desperate for control and feel so helpless because we can’t, in actuality, control our circumstances.⁣

The biggest thing my anxiety is doing though is having me focus on future CIRCUMSTANCES rather then the future’s AUTHORITY.⁣

Can you relate to that?

Anxiety has us fearful of the situations and circumstances as if we should doubt the security of our future.

My future is tied to the AUTHORITY of God.⁣ YOUR future is tied to the authority of God.

Whatever situations present themselves - God will still be sovereign and we will still be his.⁣

Why should I fear when the God of the universe is at the wheel? Why should I fear when God has promised me a hope and a future?

Does that mean tough times won’t come?  No - Jesus warns us we will have trials. But he also comforts us with the knowledge that He has overcome the world! That our trials will ultimately work for good and to the glory of God.

I need to tell my worries about my BiG God.⁣

I need to let my anxiety know who’s boss. Jesus Christ.⁣

I need to take my anxious thoughts captive and place them at the foot of the cross.⁣

We cannot let our minds run wild with worry.  We must make every thought obedient to God.

Worried about the holidays like me? I remember that we are celebrating Immanuel - God with Us.  ANd if I focus on the coming king I will enter into the beautiful rest that the Prince of Peace gives - despite the chaos around us.

Worried about the future of your career, business or finances? I commit to walk and work joyfully to the Lord, knowing that he will provide for all my needs - I need only to be obedient and steward my time, giftings and money to his glory.

Worried about our kids?  I reassure my heart through the truth that they are HIS kids first and foremost, and as I raise them in the knowledge of Christ they will ultimately become kingdom warriors, with a hedge of protection around them.

And I give God thanks.  For every storm He’s seen me through.  He never changes.  Who He was then, He is now.

So as the saying goes …. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know who holds my future 💗💗💗

And that gives my heart and mind rest.