It's no secret that I battle with my emotions.  I share openly about my battle with mental illness on my personal IG account.

I have tried a lot of things to create stability - and more than that - set myself up to THRIVE in life.  And hands down my morning routine is a critical component to that.

This morning routine helps put my mind, heart AND spirit in the right position to take on the day.  And I'm sharing it with you

Now before I start, I know it's easy to say you don't have time. But if you struggle to get through the day in confident hope and joyful living, then I challenge that you NEED to make the time to start your day right.  And it can take as little as 20 extra minutes.

I promise that as you make it a routine, your family will learn to respect that 20 mins - even little kids!

First, I sit in a comfortable spot with my "happy light" - a light designed to help battle the effects of Seasonal Effective Disorder (you can see the one I use here).

I start with a deep breath and then pull a random card from my Who You Say I Am affirmation deck.  So often it gives me the focus and encouragement I need for the day!

After reading a page from a devotional I do my favourite thing - I write in my Daily Kairos Journal.  Here I meditate on a scripture I am working to memorize, list out 3 things I'm grateful for and record a prayer I have for the Lord.  This time is so important to surrendering my day to God and focusing on his many blessings.

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Lastly, I read 10 pages of a non-fiction book.  Something that will either encourage my spirit, teach me something new or help me to grow in faith.

I just finished "Get Out Of You Head" by Jennie Allen and I can't recommend it enough - especially if you struggle with negative, anxious thinking.  Check it out in my Amazon Shop

How you start the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day.  Are you rushing through your mornings, exhausted before the day even starts?  Are you spending time with God and letting him fill you with peace and joy?  I encourage to start a morning routine practice that sets your heart, mind and spirit on God's goodness