What is with this mom life?

Like seriously.

How is it that I am somehow supposed to be equipped to do this job???

Because I totally feel like I’m failing on the regular.

I lose patience.  Get frustrated. Say things I shouldn’t.  Slam things I shouldn’t.

Oh, and all the while expecting my kiddo to control his emotions better.

Talk about do as I say and not as I do.

Talk about hypocrisy, no?

Honestly - is it just me?

I totally feel like I am screwing Caleb up.  Topping failure upon failure.

Anyone else?

Am I the only one?  Or should we start to form an orderly line????

We have to put way more hours into studying, practicing (under supervision) and building experience to get our driver’s license than we do to procreate an actual human being.

What’s up with that.

And mom guilt?  Man, is that ever a thing.

A real, living, breathing entity that comes to suck any life left in us - out.  To squash any semblance of confidence. To devour any reasonable hope for a better day.

It almost makes one want to throw in the towel.


But not quite.

Because mamma’s - no one wins if we throw in the towel.

In all our epic failure - our babies need us.  Even if they aren’t babies anymore.

And you know what else?

We were hand picked to be the mamma bear for our cubs.

Despite our failures.  Despite our struggles. Despite every which way God knew we would mess up - He divinely chose YOU to pour into the sweet soul He gifted you with.

I get it.  I thought it was an error in judgement too at first.

But then I remembered that HE has no failures.  No mistakes. No miscalculations.

In all our fallible humanness He still specifically chose us to raise this generation of kingdom warriors.

That means that no matter our screw ups - HIS plan and HIS purpose for our littles cannot and will not be hindered.

Now don’t be mistaken - you still have an important role to play.

But it’s not that of the perfect mom.

It’s the role of the surrendered mom.

Surrendered to God and His will.

On our knees in repentance when we screw up, yes.  But on our feet as stewards of His most precious gifts.

Submitted to His plan, seeking His guidance, asking for His wisdom and acting on His discernment.

And yes, screwing up along the way.  Because we are human.

But mamma - don’t you dare let condemnation sneak in when you do.

Because God has promised good things for you and your famjam as you walk in faith amidst the failure.

He’s promised to work all things out for your good, to those who are called according to His purpose.

And you, sweet mamma, are called.  

Called to this role, in this season.  

Called to mold, shape and influence.

Called to point to the One who has called you so your little knows where to look to find his way.  

You got this mamma.  And God’s got you.

And your little.