This past week in my ladies Bible Study we talked about raising our kids. More specifically we talked about how to raise them with a heart for Jesus in a world that wants to turn their hearts away.

Not an easy topic. And without faith in Christ, a subject that can easily make a mom's heart quiver in fear.

I shared some of my thoughts on this topic in this week's podcast episode - Parenting Thoughts - and wanted to recap a few things for you here.

First and most important thing to remember - God is after our hearts NOT performative behaviours. It is not by works we are saved. In that context we too need to be after the heart of our children, not distracted by behaviours that may easily be manipulated through punishment and reward without creating a true heart of change.

Raising kids this way does not come automatically. We have to be intentional. And we need to recognize a few things:

  1. We, as mamas, are sinners in need of a Saviour. We are not above our children in this regard.
  2. We, as mamas, cannot be the Saviour for our kids. And we can't make that decision for them.
  3. We, as mamas, carry our experiences into the next generation. If we have had hard experiences, traumatic upbringings, triggering event, it is our responsibility to heal from them so we don't pass them on to our children.
  4. Kids - especially teens - are not mini adults. Their brains are not fully developed. We cannot place adult expectations on them.
  5. We have to CHOOSE to reflect Christ to our kids. We are the model of having a heart for Jesus.
  6. We are stewards of their lives - we have an obligation to our heavenly father to steward well.
  7. Discipline is about discipleship - not punishment. Think about how God lovingly corrects you before you discipline your children in anger.
  8. God uniquely chose you to parent your children.

Dive into this topic with me a little further in the Affirming Truths podcast available everywhere you listen to podcasts.