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The Depth Podcast

Hear Jodi and I discuss life, faith and mental illness.

Sweeter Than Honey

Here Carla talk about identity

Fit In Faith Podcast

Join me as I chat with host Tamra Andress

Girls Talking Life Podcast

Morning Cup of Faith Podcast

Bless It Or Block It Podcast

More Than Small Talk Podcast

100 Huntley Street - Encouragement for the broken hearted

Water With Lemon Podcast

I'm Trying Podcast


100 Huntley Street - Encouragement in loneliness

See Hear Love - Loneliness

How Did You Learn To Do That?

See Hear Love Episode - Mental Health

My Testimony

In today's FIRST episode I'll be sharing a little of my journey as a prodigal daughter. Overcoming childhood trauma, mental illness and more

Growing in God Confidence

In this episode Carla talks about the trap of the self help movement that focuses on SELF confidence and encourages the listener to shift...

When You're Disappointed WIth God

In today's episode Carla talks about disappointment with God - acknowledging it's natural to experience and encouraging you how to ...

Dealing With A Shameful Past

Carla calls out shame as the biggest tool the enemy uses to isolate us from God, each other, from our life’s purpose. She notes how ....

Focus, Vision & Marriage

Carla reviews the evolving vision and focus she had around her marriage and husband. After 16 years of marriage and counting, she has ...


After a speaking engagement to a women’s group, many wondered how Carla still has a relationship with her parents after all the trauma ...

5 Tips for Negative Body Image

Carla shares her history of body image struggles and offers tips on how to overcome this bondage. Her relationship with food, exercise ...


Carla has been stuck in comparison this past week and this is what prompted her to speak on this today. She realized she wasn’t doing ...

Generational Trauma

Carla reminisces of when her son was very young, and she struggled with managing her deep-seated emotions. Upon reflection, she realized...


Carla is recording this podcast while in the midst of enforcing a boundary in her personal life. Carla had to create a boundary with her ...

Importance of Community

During a spontaneous solo mummy-vacation, Carla takes some time away from home by hiking at a local ski hill. During the hike, she ...


Carla has felt discouraged the last few days. She’s come to recognize that discouragement is a scheme of the enemy to rob us of peace, ...

My Mental Illness Journey

Here by request - Carla shares her journey with mental illness from misdiagnosis, to denial, to manic episodes and now to thriving!

Parenting Thoughts

Carla shares some of her parenting insights learned thus far in raising her teenage boy - and offers encouragement for moms trying to ...

Renewing Your Mind

In this episode Carla shares with you her process of practically renewing your mind and walking in the freedom that truth brings...

Refocusing Christmas

Carla shares how she has struggled with Christmas in the past based on trauma - and how she plans to refocus the holiday on the TRUE gift ..

Preparing for a New Year PT.1 - REFLECT

In part one of this two part series, Carla takes you through her year end reflections to help you recognize where you are not living out ...

Preparing for a New Year PT.2 - RESPOND

In the second part of this series, Carla shares details on how she creates a posture board for the new year by submitting to God's will ...

BONUS - Goal Setting, Facebook Group & Thank You!

In this bonus episode Carla encourages you to set some goals in 5 areas, shares some of her goals, and just thanks you for being here...

When I'm Feeling ... Lonely

In this episode Carla talks about the root of loneliness and gives practical tips on how to overcome it.

When I'm Feeling ... Depressed

In this episode Carla shares some things that helped her during a depressive episode. Please seek medical intervention if you are ...

BONUS EPISODE - A word of Encouragement PLUS a chance to win!

This bonus episode gives you a word of encouragement from Carla's day PLUS invited you to enter a contest to WIN!

When I'm Feeling ... Anxious

Today Carla is sharing one of the biggest things causing her anxiety right now - and how she is working through it.

When I'm Feeling ... Jealous

Carla is fired up on this topic! Comparison aka jealousy robs us of so much - and we all battle it! Get tips to overcome and live with ...

BONUS - Focusing on GOD over circumstance PLUS something new!

In this BONUS episode Carla shares the encouragement she found in her morning Bible time PLUS introduces something new!

When I'm Feeling ... Burnt Out

Discover the root of feeling burnt out, and how you can move from people pleasing to abiding in God.

when I'm Feeling ... Unloved

In this episode Carla shares her own journey of feeling unlovable in life and looking to others to fill the love void in her life ....

When I'm Feeling ... Angry

Today Carla explores anger - and how unchecked and unmanaged anger can lead us to unforgiveness, bitterness and shame. Get her 3 tips...

When I'm Feeling ... Lost

Do you feel lost in your life? Unsure of your purpose? Here is the 4 step process Carla used to start walking in her calling.

When I'm Feeling ... Afraid

In Carla’s experience our fears usually boil down to one thing - fear of others. Fear of their opinions, rejection, judgements, etc. But...

When I'm Feeling ... Overwhelmed

Overwhelm usually occurs when we are lacking in one - or more - of three key areas. Discover what they are and how to overcome the ...

BONUS - Lessons from Habakkuk

In this BONUS episode Carla shares some of her "aha" moments as she is working through a personal Bible study on the book of Habakkuk.

When I'm Feeling ... Unqualified

Ever feel like you are not qualified to go where God is leading you? Me too! And here's the truth ...

When I'm Feeling ... Prideful

Pride is a liar and deceiver that wants to separate us from God - so it's an important topic to tackle! Carla shares some of her recent...

When I'm Feeling ... Hopeless

In this episode Carla gets to the heart of hopelessness and offers a 3 step approach to be back to hope in Christ.

When I'm Feeling ... Rejected

In today's episode Carla shares how Jesus is intimately acquainted with rejection - to death on the cross. But just as Jesus' rejection ...

BONUS - Friendships & Connecting with Yohonna Smith

Join Carla as she chats with Yohonna Smith from the Girls Talking Life podcast all about friendships and connection. Yohonna provides...

BONUS- Marriage Talks - Mental Illness & Communication

In this bonus episode Carla's husband Terry joins her to talk about their marriage - how he approaches living with her mental illness,

Season Two Recap - Feelings as Data, Faith as our Compass.

In this recap of Season Two, Carla talks about the role our feelings should have, and how to keep...

S3.1| Struggling with Negative Thoughts? 5 Steps for Building Mental Resiliency

Mental resiliency is crucial in being able to take thoughts captive, move through difficult circumstances and continuing to press into ...

S3.2|Have you heard of The Mother Wound? How to recognize it and overcome this form of generational trauma

How our mothers felt about themselves and the beliefs she carried becomes part of our conditioning. When unprocessed trauma is at ...

S3.BONUS| BONUS - Have you been hurt by the Church? How to come back to your faith with Pastor Tim Woodcock

Carla interviews her very own pastor, Timothy Woodcock, to talk about all things Church hurt - including how to move forward with healing ..

S3.3| What does it mean to take up your cross? The Biblical truth about suffering as a Christian - LISTENER QUESTION

Today Carla is answering one of your questions! Looking at what it means to take up your cross - you might be surprised by the answer!

S3.4|How do I come back from a bad decision as a Christian? Learn how to move forward in your life without guilt -Listener Question

Carla answers another listener question - drawing on her own experience of multiple bad decisions - and shows you how to move forward in ...

S3.5|Are you a people pleaser? 4 ways to stop caring what others think, gain confidence, and know your identity in Jesus

Break the cycle of people pleasing and give your best yes to where Jesus is calling you! In this episode Carla looks at why we tend ...

S3.Bonus|Marriage, betrayal and trauma. How to hod on to God's truth when you've been hurt with guest Sandy Botembo

In this episode Carla is joined by betrayal coach Sandy Botembo, who bravely shares her experience with betrayal trauma and sex addiction...

S3.7|Are you living with past shame, guilt and regret? 5 Steps to walk in freedom and step into the calling God has for you.

In this episode Carla shows how living in the past is robbing you of the present and future God has planned for you. Learn the 5 steps...

S3.8|How can God love me if he allowed me to suffer? 4 new perspectives to take when bad things happen.

In this episode we have a tough conversation - how can we trust the love of God when He has permitted suffering to happen? As a survivor...

S3.6|Are your insecurities and comparison keeping you stuck? The truth behind Body Image Struggles and how to find freedom

Body image struggles plagued the majority of women. But why? And what should the Christian response be to it in our own life? Carla shares .

S3.9|Does your social media use leave you feeling not good enough? 4 steps to stop comparing and embrace the life in front of you.

Studies show that social media use is increasing the amount of anxiety and depression people feel on a regular basis. A lot of this is ...

S3.10|Are you actually living in freedom - or bound by the opinions of others? What it REALLY mean to walk in freedom and reclaim your life for Christ.

Happy Canada Day! Happy Independence Day! So much talk of freedom around this weekend - but how many of us are really living in the ...

S3.11|5 Biblical Truths for When You're Tired of Struggling with Your Mental Health

As you may know, Carla struggles with both bipolar and borderline personality disorder and regularly wades through periods of depression....

S3.12|Are you weighed down by habitual guilt? Always thinking "I should have.."? 4 Steps to break free from guilt and live in your anointing.

Guilt can be a sign of a functioning moral compass - and that's a good thing! But for many women - myself included - habitual guilt is an ..

S3.Bonus|Do you struggle to create a morning routine that starts your day off right? Get some tips - and perspective - for morning routine master Kari Davis.

Morning routines are such an important way to start the day - and including Jesus in that routine is paramount! But what does a morning ...

S3.Bonus|When God Calls us to something that doesn't make sense with Gabe Cox

In this Bonus episode Carla sits down with Gabe Cox of the Goal-Driven Moms podcast and talks about a time in Gabe's life when God called ..

S3.13|Do You Struggle With Your Thought Life? 4 Steps to Taking Your Thoughts Captive

In this episode we are addressing a major component to renewing your mind - taking thoughts captive. Carla challenges us to not just look..

S3.14|Are we being the mothers God is calling us to be? How to reflect Jesus in raising confident kids.

Are you being the mother God has called you to be? Or do you find yourself reacting from your own place of hurt and insecurity? In this...

S3.15|Do you numb out your hard feelings? Learn to sit with them and heal..

Do you find yourself trying to numb out of a hard feeling? Maybe you reach for that glass of wine, the bag of chips or your credit card ...

S3.BONUS|How to Overcome Discouragement & Keep Trusting When God Calls you to Wait with Kandice Bateast

This is a bonus episode you don't want to miss! Carla and Kandice talk about Kandice's season of waiting - and how she learned how t...

S3.16| Is your prayer life just abut asking God to meet your needs? How to grow in God with a deeper prayer life.

Carla often hears from people discouraged that God isn’t answering their prayers. But when she digs a little deeper, she comes to find ...

S3.17|The World wants you to "Do what makes you happy." Why that's bad advice - and what you should do instead.

“Do whatever makes you happy” is a popular mantra in the world today. In this episode Carla talks about why that is such bad advice - and..

S3.Bonus| Marriage Talks with Terry Arges. Keys to Communication and Conflict with your Spouse

Carla's husband Terry is back and they are talking about all things communication and handling conflict. Listen in on their conversation...

S3.Bonus|Personal Life Update - My struggle with alcohol

If you follow Carla on her Instagram Page, you know she has been open about her struggle in using wine as a coping mechanism since she was..

S3.Bonus| Do I really need to worship even when I don't feel like it? Angela Pitnikoff challenges us to look at worship a new way.

Do you ever show up Sunday and just don't feel like worshiping because of the week you've had? Or maybe you're just not "feeling" the ...

S3.18|Are you serving in your local church? Hard truths about your responsibility to the body of Christ.

It’s not only the last episode of Season 3 - but of Affirming Truths first year of podcasting! What an incredible journey it’s been. I am ..

S4.1|Is What You Say Is On Your Heart Materializing in Your Life? 4 Priorities That Every Christian Needs in Their Life.

Welcome to Season 4 of Affirming Truths! Carla wastes no time diving into today’s topic - are you seeing God’s will materialize in your..

S4.Bonus 1|Break Free From Painful Patterns with Dr. Alison Cook

In this bonus episode, Carla sits down with Dr. Alison Cook to talk all about her new book - The Best of You. Alison uses faith-based...

S4.2| Are you thriving in your valley season? 6 tips to grow deeper in your faith in God.

feel overcome by your circumstances? Do you thrive during your valley seasons? Today Carla shares how she spent much of her Christian...

S4. Bonus| Do you regularly avoid the hard stuff? You might be missing out on the blessing that goes with it.

In this bonus episode Carla shares one of the many things God is revealing to her during this period of recovery from knee surgery.....

S4.3|Grace is a beautiful gift. But are you using it as an excuse to avoid change?

Grace is such a beautiful gift. It gives us what we don’t deserve and covers a multitude of sins. But - as Carla shares from personal ...

S4.Bonus|A word of encouragement for the heart that's anxious

In this quick message from Carla, she reminds of the Hope Jesus gives our anxious hearts. That he will provide for all our needs as we...

S4.4|4 Tips on how to Seek God during Life's Struggles

During struggles we are often tempted to try to get through it in our own strength. Sometimes, if we're honest, we doubt God is willing ..

S4.Bonus|LIVE Coaching on Renewing Your Relationship with Your Body

Listen in on a live group coaching Carla did on the theme of renewing your relationship with your body so you can better show up in every...

S4.5|It’s Canadian Thanksgiving! Why Gratitude Matters Plus 3 Ways to Integrate it In Your Life.

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving! In this episode, our Canadian host Carla talks about the importance of gratitude - both in how often it’s ...

S4.Bonus|Seeking Our Glory Above God’s with Brooklyn Beckerson

In this bonus episode Carla interviews Brooklyn Beckerson, the host of the Life in Orbit podcast. Brooklyn so vulnerably shares about a ..

S4.6 | 5 Biblical Truths When You Are Facing Depression

Carla is no stranger to depression. She’s been battling an episode of depression while healing from knee surgery. Depression is a dark...

S4.Bonus| The Cost of Control with Sharon Hodde Miller

Today Carla sits down with Pastor and author Sharon Hodde Miller and talks all about her new book - The Cost of Control.We are all guilty ..

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