Show Notes:

Carla answers another listener question - drawing on her own experience of multiple bad decisions - and shows you how to move forward in the forgiveness of God.

Key Takeaways:

  • Carla opens by sharing about the Affirming Truths Facebook Community, where you can have a voice in the topics of the pod! This episode came from feedback on Facebook, and Carla is happy to share!
  • Carla shares that she used to be a “pro” bad-decision maker that affected the trajectory of her life as, even as an adult. She asked herself “How do you come back from these mistakes, when I built my own stumbling blocks?”
  • What does it really mean when we make a bad decision? Carla shares that, unless we develop a spiritually healthy perspective of what actually happens when we make bad decisions, we likely won’t come back from them, and will continue to stay in the cycle of bad decision making.
  • The question to ask: Are you living for God, or are you living for yourself? Carla shares that, ultimately, bad decisions are a product of sin and happen when we walk outside the will of God. We need to recognize where we stopped seeking first the kingdom of God - sometimes it’s driven by trauma, fear, anxiety, self-righteousness, pride, etc.
  • So what do we do when we make a bad decision?
  1. We need to turn to God, confess, and repent. He is faithful and just and will forgive us! Repentance is a commandment for Christians, not just a good idea.
  2. You need to receive repentance - don’t get stuck in shame! Shame keeps us stuck in sin and locks us out of the purpose for our lives! Remember, we have all fallen short - you have not fallen farther than any other person.
  • Having repentance and receiving forgiveness does not mean you don’t face consequences. Carla shares personal experiences where she had to work through the long-term consequences of her decisions. God doesn’t necessarily save us from our consequences, but He can redeem your situation. God’s not gonna waste your bad decision - he’s gonna redeem it.

Affirming Truth:

My mistake does not disqualify me from the love of God or to be used for Him, by Him for the Kingdom.

Scripture References:

- *Key Scripture: Micah 7:19

- Jeremiah 29:11

- Acts 3:19

- Romans 8:1, 3:23

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