In this bonus episode Carla shares one of the many things God is revealing to her during this period of recovery from knee surgery.  

Do you often avoid hard things? Do you typically choose the easier route? Carla challenges us to see trials through a new lens.

Carla’s Process & The Truth

God uses our periods of hard times to mold our minds & spirits, if we allow Him to. Carla shares honestly about how hard her recovery from knee surgery has been. She shares that declined pain meds to help protect her sobriety, and encountered intense pain and resurfacing depression in the process - these gave way to moments where she questioned her decisions. In those moments, the Lord has comforted her with:

Choosing the less hard doesn’t develop what we ultimately want & need.

The Blessing of Hard Time

Carla admits that her recovery may feel harder than the initial pain, but she’s on track to come out stronger on the other side.

Life offers a lot of hard decisions, and we often choose the “hard” that is comfortable, or the path of least resistance. We often avoid things that cause us pain, the hard crushing of change. No one likes to go through pain and hard stuff, but when we skip over the hard, we skip over the blessing.

Diamonds are developed under pressure. Gold is refined through fire. Butterflies painfully transformed in their cocoons. The precious things can often be painful in the process of their making.

Even getting stronger is a painful process - look at how muscles are developed! They tear and break down to build up.

Stay the course. If the choice is hard, but it’s going to bring about a godly result, choose the hard! It’s where we grow, are refined, and it’s where beauty & strength come from.

What Now?

Ask yourself - What hard things are you avoiding? Perhaps it’s the very thing you need to walk through in order to see victory.

Carla shares that she has asked God to release her from pain in the past, and how she has seen His Grace shine through her pain and trials. He hasn’t delivered her from her trials, but through them!

You cannot grow without the hard stuff - all of these are made better by trials:

  • Relationships,
  • mental health,
  • physical health,
  • spiritual self

It’s time to re-shape your perspective and align it with God’s - Hard times are not bad times, but opportunities to grow! There’s blessing on the other side and you never walk it alone.

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