BONUS EPISODE - Protecting Your Mental Health as a New Mom with Rachael Elmore

Today Carla sits down with postpartum therapist Rachael Elmore and talks all about how to help new moms be emotionally healthy and be firmly planted in Jesus. Carla and Rachael share some of their own postpartum struggles and how they coped. Rachael talks about her new book launching next year - A Mom is Born. Such a great conversation to listen in on!

The Truth About Postpartum

Feeling hard feelings does not make you a bad mom. Having baby blues, depression, or anxiety has nothing to do with how much you love your child or how much you love Jesus. Postpartum does not define us as mothers.

The Role of Self-Care

If you don’t start putting in the practices of self-care early, those systems don’t fall into place later. It is paramount that you start practicing it now - and you can start small.

Right after baby comes, massages, spas or even a yoga class may be out of reach BUT you can start 3-Minute Self Care. A shower is a good place to start, but not the most ideal. Take three minutes to do something easy and care for yourself - you start with three minutes and grow from there. *hint, kids will survive crying for three minutes!

This is NOT selfish - we are not God, we are human and, as moms, we need to be whole and healthy to steward our motherhood well and care for our families. Even God took the seventh day to rest.

Asking For Help

It is true that it takes a village! Asking for help and reaching out to your community is part of how God created us. If you are struggling asking for help, do some digging - you may find a bit of pride. God calls us to put pride aside. Mothers don’t need to be martyrs - raising children is hard enough. You don’t need to make it harder on yourself or wear busyness as a badge.

God will take what the enemy wants to use against us and use it for His kingdom! Beauty for ashes is His promise to you.

For the Struggling Mom

Keep going and remember - what good thing can come from believing you’re a bad mom? NOTHING. Guilt can serve a transforming purpose, but shame does not. You are far better motivated when you approach your motherhood with positive honesty. You can believe you’re a good mom with stuff to work on.

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