Show Notes:

In this BONUS episode Carla shares the encouragement she found in her morning Bible time PLUS introduces something new!

Key Takeaways:

- Carla shares that she is reading through Genesis as part of her Bible reading plan and how she was moved by the story of Joseph.

- Carla encourages you to have a wide view of your situation! A narrow view prevents you from seeing God at work in your life.

- God did not rescue Joseph from his circumstance, He used Joseph in his circumstances. Your circumstances are redeemed when you allow God to work through you in them. Ask for purpose for your season and placement - like Esther “For such a time as this”. Be led by your purpose, not by your circumstances!

- A wide view allows you to live in freedom! Don’t set up camp in negative thoughts, ask God to use you!

Carla is so excited to be offering ONE-ON-ONE Mentorship!  

If you are stuck in negative self talk, sick and tired of your mental spiral, being run by anxiety, jealousy & fear and you are ready to step out and put in the work to renew your mind - send me an email to see if 1-on1 mentoring with me is the right fit for you!

Scripture References:

- *Key Scripture: Genesis 37-47




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