Show Notes:

Guilt can be a sign of a functioning moral compass - and that's a good thing! But for many women - myself included - habitual guilt is an ever present oppressing force that is robbing us of walking in our anointing

All the "I should have...", "I should be.." are based on unrealistic - and often unbiblical - standards we place on ourselves.

Use these 4 steps to break out of habitual guilt and live with more freedom and ease.

Key Takeaways:

  • Carla welcomes listeners, and shares that she hopes listeners can walk away with a renewed perspective of themselves. She shares how guilt has been a common thread amongst her clients and followers.
  • Carla highlights the difference between moral guilt and habitual guilt.
  • Moral guilt - can lead to repentance and act as a moral compass.
  • Habitual guilt - you live with it and are crippled by it every day and your thoughts are constantly ruled by the word “should”. It chips away at your self-esteem and distracts you from the calling and anointing on your life. Leads to burnout, depression and anxiety.
  • Ask yourself what/whose standards you are trying to reach?
  • Carla calls out what God’s calling and standard on your life may look like, and how it always points to Jesus and relying on His power, not being superwoman or keeping up with the Jones’.
  • Carla reminds listeners of the story of Mary & Martha, and how we are called to sit at the feet of Jesus, not fall into frustration at the perceived (or real) expectations of others.

4 Steps to Leave Habitual Guilt Behind

  1. Name Your Guilt. Call it out.
  2. Explore the Source. Ask yourself “why” you are feeling guilty.
  3. Reorient yourself back to your identity in Christ. Remember and affirm these truths.
  4. Redefine your expectations in alignment to God’s calling on your life.
  • When you are acquainted with the truth of God’s calling on your life, you are equipped to say “NO” when the enemy and his guilt come knocking.
  • Peace is a fruit of dependence on God, of alignment to His calling.

Affirming Truth:

I reject expectations that are not of God and walk freely in my anointing.

Scripture References:

- *Key Scripture: Isaiah 26:3

- Romans 8:1

- 1st John 4:1

- James 4:7

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