In this episode we are addressing a major component to renewing your mind - taking thoughts captive.  Carla challenges us to not just look at thoughts that make us feel bad - like “My past disqualifies me from being used by God. - but at thoughts that are rooted in our sin nature like lust, pride, anger and more.

Be encouraged as you continue to be transformed into the likeness of God!

We are commanded to take thoughts captive so that we can live life according to God’s purpose.

Our sin isn’t just in our behavior, but also our thought life! Jesus talked about how to even entertain thoughts of adultery and murder were just as sinful as the act. The enemy uses our negative/sinful thought life to come against our purpose and separate us from God. Judgemental, angry, self-loathing and lustful thoughts are rooted in sin. God calls us to noble, true, admirable, and praiseworthy thoughts.

Having sinful thoughts alone in not sinful - indulging them is! So the question is - what are you doing with the thoughts coming into your head? Are you giving them space to live, or are you taking them captive?

4 Steps To Taking Thoughts Captive:

  1. Acknowledge the thought. Merely ignoring the thought is not taking it captive! Take action and call it out.
  2. Repent of the thought. Make it obedient to Christ.
  3. Talk back to the thought with scripture. There is power in the word of God, and you can use scripture to fight sinful thoughts! Think of Jesus in the desert!
  4. Ask the Holy Spirit for release. God promises an escape always.

You may need to practice these 4 steps with the same thought over and over again - it’s a process, so don’t give up! Don’t be a slave to your thought life, but let God work in it. Do not accept shame in the area of your thought life - it will only keep you bound - the goal is NOT to never have a bad thought again, but take responsibility with the thoughts you do have. We have the victory in Christ Jesus, and God has a hope and future for you.

Affirming truth: I have power over my thoughts in Jesus’ name.

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