“Do whatever makes you happy” is a popular mantra in the world today.  In this episode Carla talks about why that is such bad advice - and directs you towards something deeper. To do what you were created in Christ Jesus to do.

Why “Do What Makes You Happy” Is Bad Advice

If you’ve been scrolling social media a lot lately, you’ve probably seen some of the following phrases:

  • “Do what makes you happy”
  • “Do what makes you feel good”
  • “Chase happiness”

According to Romans, this happiness-driven ideology is a way of living that chases after “the flesh” - momentary & external things that give ourselves glory. Chasing after the flesh is a short term gratification that has long term consequences. Eve is the first biblical example of “doing what makes you happy” - and the consequence was the introduction of sin for all humanity.

Created For a Purpose

We aren’t called to do what makes us happy - we are called to do what we are created to do. It doesn’t always feel good in the moment to deny our flesh and walk in the spirit, but there is a promise of eternal joy in pursuing purpose over fleeting happiness.

The fruit of pursuing purpose:

  • Joy (despite your circumstances)
  • Fulfillment (despite your circumstances)
  • Peace (despite your circumstances)
  • Contentment (despite your circumstances)
  • The Fruits of the Spirit (despite your circumstances)

The presence of internal joy and other fruits is what attracts others to the Kingdom.

Living On Purpose vs Living Off Purpose

Chasing happiness is a ploy of the enemy to make you live off-purpose.

Living Off Purpose

Chasing happiness is chasing the External. Look at the prodigal son and how his choice to pursue his flesh led him to destruction. He shows us the fruits of living off purpose:

  • Chasing the moment.
  • Self- destruction.
  • Damaging relationships (as you are only self-serving and putting yourself above others)
  • Ultimately long-term suffering

Living On Purpose

Pursuing purpose is sustainable in the long term and has consistently, everlasting fruit, despite external circumstances. Your life looks like one of worship, honoring God by loving & serving Him, and others. You are an expression of Jesus, made in the image of God - reflecting Him in all you do.

You were designed for impact for the Kingdom in all that you do as you reflect Jesus.

You were created to be an image bearer of the most high God. Don’t throw away your purpose, but live in the Spirit!

Affirming Truth - I will not chase after the world, but live as a praise offering to my God.

Key scriptures:

Galatians 5:25

Romans 8:4-5

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