It’s not only the last episode of Season 3 - but of Affirming Truths first year of podcasting! What an incredible journey it’s been. I am so appreciative of each and every one of you who has listened to an episode.

But if you think that meant I was going to lighten up for this episode - you’re wrong. Today I am challenging you to look at service to your church as your responsibility as a member of the body of Christ - and invite you to partake in the joy and blessing of fulfilling this mandate.

A Christian’s Calling

Carla shares how most churches struggle to get committed volunteers. She challenges listeners by stating:

  1. If you are a believer, you have a spiritual gift.
  2. The purpose of the gift is to build up the body of Christ and glorify God.

You have a spiritual gift that you are responsible to use to these ends.

Building up the Body of Christ includes helping the church to function. If you are not volunteering in some capacity, at some point, throughout the year at your church, you are not stewarding what God has asked you to steward well.

We make the mistake of believing that, when we serve or volunteer at the church, that we are doing the church a favour or we think that we are doing God a favour. God doesn’t need favours. He needs His children to stand up to their callings - which is helping the church function. We are called to partner with God to build the church.

Responsibility to the Church in the Light of Spiritual Gifts

Carla shares how her spiritual gifts are discernment, encouragement, and teaching, but how she has a responsibility as a member of the body of Christ to help the church function and how that included her serving in the nursery, cleaning, children’s church - areas not included in her natural gifting. It’s not about what you want to do - it’s about doing what God has told you to do.

We are a member of a body and we are called to help the body function.

The Blessing of Serving Your Church

Church is a place we go NOT to be served, but a place to serve and submit to our brothers and sisters in Christ. When we are serving others, we find blessing walking in God’s will.

Areas that God blesses when you serve:

  • Overcoming anxiety & depression
  • Feeling less lonely
  • Feeling God’s presence
  • Better stewardship
  • Greater abundance of blessing and favour

Don’t wait to be asked, but seek out opportunities to serve! Ask your leaders questions like “Where do you need me to help” or “Where can I lessen your burden?” or “Where can I be a blessing?”

Affirming Truth - I can take radical responsibility in the stewardship of my church.

Key scriptures:

Acts 20:28

1st Peter 4:10

Ephesians 4:12

1st Peter 4:11

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