Do you ever show up Sunday and just don't feel like worshiping because of the week you've had? Or maybe you're just not "feeling" the song? What role is worship really supposed to play in our lives? And is it just for Sunday's?

Carla sits down with worship leader and host of The Kingdom Daughters podcast, Angela Pitnikoff for a real and challenging discussion about worship.

What is Worship?

Worship, as a whole is a lifestyle, not just music. We are created to praise the Lord in every aspect of our lives - we are even called to pray continually. This looks like bringing God honour and pointing others to Him.

We are created to be in relationship with Him. How we respond to our families and others is an indicator of how we honour God. We are called to bring Him an offering of praise in the mundane - doing dishes, laundry, yardwork, etc - not just at church.

Aspects of Worship

Are we bringing praise and honour in all we do?

Worship is a constant. Ask yourself if your worship is bringing you in relationship with him? There are three aspects laid out biblically:

  1. surrender,
  2. bringing an offering a sacrifice of praise and
  3. connecting with him

Worship breaks down barriers - the worshippers in the Bible were sent out before the armies. Offering surrender and praise in order to connect with God gives us authority in battle.

Worship is not about us. It’s about focusing on God and it is a conscious, daily, moment-to-moment decision.

The Battle to Worship

The enemy doesn’t want us to worship because of the connection we find in it. There is authority when individuals and congregations use their voices to declare God’s goodness in worship. Declaring God’s goodness in the face of Satan’s discouragement allows God to show up and level up your walk.

When you are rooted in God, you KNOW that He is faithful.  It isn’t always easy - there are times you have to command your soul to sing - times that you have to decide to surrender to Him. Carla and Angela share how God has NEVER failed them when they seek Him in worship in those tough seasons.

How to Get Back to Worship

Don’t look back if you are experiencing a stale season of worship - shame will continue to separate you from Him.

Start with taking action and building relationship with the Lord:

  • Get in the Word.
  • Get into Prayer. Declare your love for Him and be honest with Him. Ask Him how He wants to connect with you. Remember that harshness, shame, and blame are not the voice of God.
  • Get to Church - say YES to experiencing Him!
  • Make it a constant decision to posture your heart and KEEP GOING. Don’t stop if you experience a trip up!

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