This is a bonus episode you don't want to miss! Carla and Kandice talk about Kandice's season of waiting - and how she learned how to finally wait well in full surrender to God's timing.

More About Kandice: Married for 5 years, mom to a 1 year old and a 3 year old, and bonus mom to an 18 year old. Most importantly, I’m a daughter of the King! The host of Goodbye Heartbreak, Hello Purpose the podcast, and author of the soon to be released 365 day devotional book Goodbye Heartbreak, Hello Purpose.

Kandice’s Story

Kandice’s desire to be married started from a young age (cue the Disney princesses) and it was desire that dictated her relationship with her identity and with God. She found herself in her mid-20’s, only speaking to God to ask for a husband, and then not practicing patience in waiting for His promise to fulfill her desire.

She then found herself in her 30’s with a broken relationship from a man she felt like the Lord  had begun to fulfill the promise of desire for marriage (spoiler - He eventually DID!) and began to ask herself if she really did hear from God as she grieved the loss of the relationship.

In her grief and healing process, Kandice found surrender. This surrender gave her grace for a season of Waiting Well.

The Difference Between Waiting and Waiting Well

Carla and Kandice both reference the story of Sarah and Abraham and the promise of their family. Kandice points to the importance of the process, even in the face of a different promise (her promise of a husband, their promise of parenting a thousand generations). When we try to take matters in our hands, we produce brokenness instead of promise.

Waiting well requires surrender - it requires that you surrender your desire for God’s desire and that you chase His heart and not His hand.

God is after our hearts. When we make anything an idol above Him, He, out of love, will work it out to tear it down in our lives. These idols can be good in nature, but if they take precedence over God in our hearts, He will chase us down to claim our hearts.

He wastes nothing. God works in you in the waiting. Waiting well looks like growing while you wait. Your community may grow, your prayer life will go deeper. You may even see physical growth in the midst of your spiritual growth! Honoring the vessel God gives you helps you in seasons of waiting well.

Kandice shares about dating Jesus in her season of waiting, and how that time alone with Him prepared her for the fulfillment of His promises. She learned how to pray and live the Word of the Lord, and how those tools are utilized every day in her life now as a wife and mother.

Word of Encouragement for Those Learning to Wait Well

Remember - you are not missing out on anything when you are in the wait! You will get where God needs you to be. Psalm 37:4 is true - God places desire in your heart and going through the transformation that surrender brings makes you ready to live out those desires.

Remember that His plans are better than ours and allow that to build trust in Him. He’s not going to give you something you hate! Delight yourself and you’ll be able to Wait Well.

Key scriptures:

Psalm 37:4

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