Is What You Say Is On Your Heart Materializing in Your Life? 4 Priorities That Every Christian Needs in Their Life.

Welcome to Season 4 of Affirming Truths!  

Carla wastes no time diving into today’s topic - are you seeing God’s will materialize in your life? Are the things you say you want - like a happy marriage, wellness, a good relationship with your children - actually happening? If not - it may be time to look at how you are prioritizing your life.

Carla shares the 4 top priorities that should be in everyone’s calendar.

Why priorities are important

Carla shares how it can be difficult to prioritize the things that feel important to you, and when you do a time audit, you may find that your time spent doesn’t actually align with what you say you value. It all comes down to this - What you don’t prioritize won’t materialize.

If you don’t have:

  • The work life you want
  • The marriage you want
  • The relationship with your family you want
  • The health you want
  • The relationship with God that you want

Then it’s time to ask yourself what you truly treasure. Is it chasing accolades and recognition or something else? Are you willing to change how you spend your time?

Look at the story of Mary and Martha - Jesus made it clear how we should prioritize our time and how the attitude of our heart follows how we prioritize. Carla also points to Noah as an example of prioritizing God’s will in action.

There is HOPE - you are in charge of your time, your choices, and ultimately, your priorities. You can change how you spend your resources according to what God is calling you to.

So, what is God calling you to prioritize?

  1. To Love Him

This is the first of the greatest commands, so it is your greatest priority. Are you spending time in prayer and worship? Are you honoring Him in the mundane?

  1. Love Others

How are you loving your family? Your spouse and/or kids? Do you prioritize communication, respect, grace, and forgiveness? How do you love your neighbor and the church? Does it show up in your schedule and effort?

  1. Care For Yourself

Are you neglecting yourself? We are called to love others the way we love ourselves. Not to be mistaken for self-idolatry, where your happiness is the greatest ideal, but stewarding the gift of the vessel you’ve been given? Are you moving, resting, nurturing yourself?

  1. Surrender to Him - Acting in Obedience to His Calling

Where is God calling you? Are you laying down your will daily and picking up God’s? Are you asking Him to transform your heart so it looks like His?

You will find:

  • Peace
  • Joy
  • Comfort
  • Provision

When you prioritize Kingdom Goals!

Affirming Truth - I will prioritize my life in line with the Kingdom.

Key scriptures:

Matthew 6:33

Luke 12:34

Luke 10:38-42

Colossians 3:2

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