EPISODE 7 - Is your Joy Dependent on Your Circumstance? Then You Are Missing the Gift of True Joy.

Are you waiting for something to happen in your life before you live in joy?  Maybe you believe that your circumstances need to change first. In this episode, Carla challenges you to see that type of thinking for what it is - idolatry - and invites you to experience REAL joy that is found only in Christ.

Mentality Shift

Our mentality tends to follow that we have to have X, Y, or Z (money, relationships, etc) to experience joy. This is happiness, and happiness is based on the external, and the external is not in our control! Why would you want to base your joy on something you can’t control? It’s time to shift to experiencing joy despite our circumstances.

What is Joy?

Joy is a gift from God, the fruit of the Spirit living in us. We are called to rejoice always, not depending on our circumstances. It is a result of overflowing gratitude for the gift of life from God alone. It is our strength.

What Is Holding You Back From Joy?

If you are waiting for X,Y, or Z before experiencing joy, you are being robbed. Whatever you believe will bring you joy outside of the free gift God offers, then it is time to check your heart for idolatry.

When you operate in the joy of the Lord, you show up in your life differently and you influence your circumstances differently. Are you waiting for your life to change before experiencing joy? Turn it around - live your life in joy and see how your life changes. Grasp it - live it NOW.

Affirming Truth - I will choose joy because my eternity is secure.

Key scriptures:

Isaiah 61:10

Philippians 4:4

Psalm 4:7

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