BONUS EPISODE - 4 Steps to Get Motivation & Purpose Back When You Feel Like Giving Up

You know God has called you.  Whether it’s motherhood, ministry or anything in between - God has placed anointing over your life.  But it can still feel mundane sometimes.  It can feel like our efforts have no impact.  And with that - we can lose motivation and purpose.  Carla shares how she’s been battling that lately - and 4 things she’s doing to feel inspired again.

Honoring the Anointing When We Are Unmotivated

We know our reward is in Heaven, but we can still lose sight of the calling on our lives because we are human and don’t see impact or the fruit of our labour immediately. Losing motivation is NORMAL. Changing your focus can energize you and re-motivate you in the midst of feeling purposeless.

4 Activities to Jumpstart Godly Motivation

  1. Pray.

Ask God for vision, encouragement, and excitement. It’s ok to approach our Father!

  1. Write Out All the Ways Your Mundane/Obligatory Tasks Bless Others

Remind yourself how the little things you do bless others!

  1. Create a Joy-Filled Environment

This can be injecting joy in small or big ways! Get your heart in a posture of praise.

  1. Take Action

Action is a primer for motivation! Waiting for motivation to act isn’t effective - ask yourself what is ONE task that will move the needle for you today and do it! Do it until you feel it and trust that God will bless the work of your hands.

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