BONUS EPISODE - 7 Tips to Combat the Holidays Blues and Experience More Joy This Season

I know that the holidays are not naturally joyous occasions for many of us. Maybe you’ve experienced loss, have broken relationships or difficulty handling family members. The holidays can come with sadness, loneliness, anxiety and depression.

In this bonus episode, Carla shares 7 tips she’s learned to incorporate during the holidays to help bring more joy to the season.

  1. Set a budget and stick to it.

So much of the stress that comes with the holidays revolves around cost. Take time to set a budget based on your household income and stick to it!  There’s peace in knowing you haven’t overextended yourself and there’s joy in knowing you’re not going to have to suffer through the first quarter of the year under the weight of bills. If you show up with joy for Christmas, it is contagious and your family will catch it! And guess what? You can create amazing memories without all the “stuff”.

  1. Avoid or Limit Alcohol

Remember - alcohol is a depressant. So if you are prone to sadness & depression, alcohol will make it worse even if it feels like it’s “taking the edge off”.

  1. Make a point of seeing people that actually lift your spirits.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the big events or feel pressure to attend them and let them drain you. Take time to be quiet with people who give you life!

  1. Check Your Expectations

Life is not a Hallmark movie and your life is not a fairytale! It’s gonna be messy because we are all human. Stop being disappointed about what’s “not” and embrace what is! Go in with a realistic set of expectations and find the joy in being at ease in God’s peace.

  1. Exercise

It’s not about burning off the Christmas cookies - it’s about managing your mental health! Exercise and movement releases those endorphins and can drastically improve your outlook and deepen your wells. It doesn’t have to look like others - find what works for you!

  1. Say “No” More Often

Whether it’s events or conversations that bring your angst or shame or division, you can say no! You do not have to fight every battle or engage in every conversation.

  1. Orient your thoughts & heart to the true meaning of Christmas

Remember - God has come and He is coming again! Let the gratitude for the gift of the season reign in your heart. When you feel lonely, remember Emmanuel. When you are anxious or depressed, look at how God cares for you, loves you and works to restore joy in your life.

Christmas is a season of joy and hope in the midst of pain. We can control how we show up, even if we can’t control our circumstances.

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