BONUS EPISODE - Are you Struggling With Consistency in Your Life? How Having a Compelling Destination Changes that.

Do you struggle with consistency?  Do you know the hard work you need to do, but just can’t get yourself to do it?  Carla often sees this struggle in her clients when they don’t have a compelling destination they are working towards. Listen in as she explains why this matters.

Why Your Journey Feels Pointless

A lack of consistency is rooted in a lack of a compelling destination. Imagine a road trip with nowhere to end up. The ups and downs of the journey are worth it because of the destination. The hard work of change is compelled by a destination we deem worth it.

Biblical Examples of the Drive of Destination

Look at Jesus - he said yes to his journey as a human unto death because the destination was salvation. Look at Paul and his destination of discipleship. The result is worth it.

Real-Life Application

If you are struggling to make changes in your life that you know you need to make, then you need to root yourself in your compelling destination! Breaking generational trauma became a compelling destination for Carla - can you find one for yourself?

Something like weight loss alone is not compelling - you need to reach into God’s purpose for your life, and find vision that energizes you according to His will.

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