In this bonus episode Carla interviews Brooklyn Beckerson, the host of the Life in Orbit podcast.  Brooklyn so vulnerably shares about a time in her life where she got off track on God’s calling over her life - and how she found her way back.

This is so relevant for all of us as we all struggle at times to seek God first over our own plans.

Brooklyn Beckerson - Freelance designer, host of the Life In Orbit podcast, wife and momma. Just an imperfect person, living in the perfect light of Jesus Christ.

From Hustle to Holy and Back

Brooklyn shares her testimony, an arc that changed her life. She very quickly went from hustling hard to losing control and discovering biblical joy & rest, all through learning who Jesus really is in the midst of loss. From this place, Brooklyn found enrichment in all her relationships and, eventually, a true, mission-oriented calling.

Brooklyn gave Jesus her YES, and found peace in it as she ventured out and developed her podcast. In the scaling process, however, she found herself striving, once again, even after having the best intentions. As she began moving out of alignment to God’s calling, she found herself burnt out.

Here’s the truth she found in burnout: All God wants is you. Are you looking for Him, and are you seeking Him above all else?

Working in Rest

We’re called to be human beings, not human doings. We’re called to love others as we love ourselves. There’s joy in resting in Him as we work towards our callings.

So how do we stop our business or mission from being elevated above Him?

  1. Keep your eyes on Christ

Stay in the word. Pray often. Prioritize Christian fellowship.

Look to Matthew 14 - don’t get distracted by the waves!

  1. Test your heart

Ask yourself what your motives are with each action and decision. Are you pursuing God’s heart and His opinion and His calling?

There’s no shame and condemnation! Only repentance and reorientation back to God and He is SO faithful to meet us there and to reconcile us back to Him to build beautiful things in hope for our future.

Key scriptures:

Matthew 14

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