Show Notes:

Today Carla is answering one of your questions! Looking at what it means to take up your cross - you might be surprised by the answer!

Key Takeaways:

  • Carla opens by sharing that taking up your cross has actually been an ongoing topic for a client and herself, and how she thinks it’s a commonly misunderstood concept.
  • Carla reads Matthew 16:24, and how there are often 2 different extreme expressions of this scripture in Christians:
  • Seeing taking up your cross as a burden - a bad relationship, a thankless job, a physical illness - that they must be constantly suffering and not experiencing joy to be truly taking up their cross. This often manifests itself in self-pity and righteous pride - playing the martyr. God does not intend our life to be void of joy - carrying your cross does not equate keeping yourself in a constant state of struggle.
  • Living your life as if it is your own. Yes there is freedom, joy and mercy, but your calling is to pick up your cross is still there! Look to Jesus - he denied himself and trusted the plan of his Father. Jesus picking up his cross was laying down his will for the will of the Father.
  • Picking up your cross is to die to yourself. Ask God what His plans and His will looks like. Stay in a posture of surrender. Ask God how you are playing a role in expanding His Kingdom and transforming into His likeness. Are you willing to risk it all to serve Jesus?
  • God’s not after your performance, He’s after your heart.

Affirming Truth:

I will set my heart and mind on God in complete surrender.

Scripture References:

- *Key Scripture: Romans 8:5

- Matthew 16:24

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