Show Notes:

In this episode we have a tough conversation - how can we trust the love of God when He has permitted suffering to happen?  As a survivor of trauma, it's a question Carla has wrestled with. Listen to how she's reconciled this in her life through 4 new perspectives to have when bad things happen and remembering the character of God.

Key Takeaways:

  • Carla opens by talking about Father’s Day and how it may trigger a struggle with grief or pain. She talks about how she polled her IG listeners about the correlation of pain to the love of the Father.
  • She asks the question “How can we trust that God loves us when he allows us to experience pain and suffering?” She shares how she has struggled deeply with this question over the course of her life.
  • Carla shares that God does not cause suffering or evil, however, He does allow it. And she honestly shares that she doesn’t know why He does. So she redirects the question to “Who is God?”
  • Ultimately, we choose to trust the character and love of God, even when we don’t understand His ways.

4 Perspectives To Take When Bad Things Happen

  1. Bad things happen in this world, but as believers, this world is not the end. We life for an eternal hope.
  2. Bad things happen, but God ultimately uses them for lasting good. This is a promise!
  3. Bad things happen, but God uses it to equip believers for deeper ministry. Carla shares personally about how Affirming Truths is a ministry that has come out of her pain.
  4. Bad things happen, but the worst thing happened to the best person. Jesus willingly humbled himself to the cross. He didn’t deserve or earn suffering, but he endured for our eternal hope and salvation.
  • So who is God? A God of Kept Promises and Covenant. Carla shares that “Why” is not the right question, but “Who?”
  • Will you choose to trust God’s love for you? Will you choose to believe your eternal hope and joy outweighs your current circumstances?
  • Find out “WHO” God is.

Affirming Truth:

I may not know WHY, but I choose to trust and accept the everlasting love of God.

Scripture References:

- *Key Scripture: Lamentations 3:22-23

- 2nd Corinthians 4:16-18

- Romans 8:28

- 2 Corinthians 1:3-5

- Psalm 147:3

- John 3:16

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