Show Notes:

Today Carla  is sharing one of the biggest things causing her anxiety right now - and how she is working through it.

Key Takeaways:

- Carla vulnerably shared her experiences with anxiety, specifically two major triggers around motherhood. She shares that, the reality is, no matter where anxiety comes from, it’s all rooted in the same thing: fear. Specifically fear of the unknown.

- Fear causes us to doubt God’s goodness and faithfulness. God encourages us to cast our worry on Him and He replaces it with peace.

- Ask yourself “Where is my focus?” when you are anxious. Carla shares hers:

  • Her control or lack thereof in her circumstances
  • Her insufficiency rather than His sufficiency

- Therapy is an incredible tool to learning how to fight anxiety, but, if therapy may not be accessible for you, you need to learn how to talk back to fear and take control over it by focusing on God and giving your fear to Him.

- This process takes practice and discipline - ex. placing post-it notes with affirmations all over the house, doing a specific daily devotion to address fear, or learning how to regulate your nervous system (through breathwork, ice therapy, etc.), or meditation.

- God WILL show up for you.

- Peace is a promise that comes from a relationship with Jesus. Peace doesn’t come from knowing the outcome, but from knowing Who holds us in the process. He gives us power over ourselves in the midst of unknown circumstances.

- Replacing lies with truth is like working a muscle - it gets easier the more that you do it! Making this a daily practice will transform your thought life.

You can use Carla’s “Who You Say I Am” to combat the lies with truth. Check them out in the Resources links below!

Affirming Truths:

- I will trust my unknown future to my known and faithful God.

Scripture References:

- *Key Scripture: Proverbs 3:5

- 1st Peter 5:7

- Philippians 4:6-7




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