Show Notes:

Discover the root of feeling burnt out, and how you can move from people pleasing to abiding in God.

Key Takeaways:

- Carla tells us about her experience with Burnout, and how she has found that it is usually driven by an unhealthy need for approval and control. Burnout comes on the back of hustle. The hustle lifestyle is living outside of God’s will. It leads to anxiety, depression, resentment, strained relationships, fatigue and more. It robs us of the opportunity to partner with God to create impact in the Kingdom.

- We are called to work, but we are also called to rest. Look at the Creation Story and Jesus’s ministry - there was purposeful work, but rest was the most important element of bearing purposeful fruit.

- Having boundaries and asking for help is Biblical - Jesus shows us an example of saying “no”. He commands us to abide or “remain” in Him. It is ok to say “no” to man so you can say “Yes” to God.

- Your value does not need to be earned through busy-ness. You’re valuable because you are the creation of the Creator. Hustle Culture is not Kingdom Culture and busy-ness is not a badge of Honour.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you able to produce good fruit because you are connected to Christ?
  • Are you operating and going where He wants you to?
  • It can be hard to unlearn gleaning your value from productivity.

What do I do if I’m burnt out?

  • Be still.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit for strength, wisdom & discernment on what to say “Yes” to and  for courage to delegate.
  • Write out your boundaries. If an opportunity doesn’t align with your calling, the answer is  not “Yes”.

If you are feeling burnt out, it is time to rest. The joy is worth the practice of abiding in His love.

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Affirming Truths:

- My value comes from my Creator, not from my busy-ness. I will obey the call to rest.

Scripture References:

- *Key Scripture: John 15:9

- John 15:4

- Matthew 11:28

- Psalm 46:10




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