Show Notes:

Do you feel lost in your life? Unsure of your purpose?  Here is the 4 step process Carla used to start walking in her calling.

Key Takeaways:

- Carla honestly shares about her experience of feeling lost and floating through life.

- Feeling lost can lead to depression, despair, anxiety, fear, and confusion. It can also lead us to feeling stuck.

- If you’re feeling lost, you need to remember WHO you are - chosen.

4 A’s of Becoming Found

  1. Affirm - write out a list of at least 25 positive things about yourself that you can read out daily.
  2. Assess - take inventory of yourself! What brings you joy? What are your strengths and gifts? What have you overcome in life? You can ask for help!
  3. Ask - seek God’s will. Ask Him where he is calling you and how He wants to use your gifts and strengths. God’s will is not hidden!
  4. Act - take one small action each day towards your calling. Faith is obedience in action.

- You have gifts and strengths and God wants you to use them in the season you are in now! Ask God to give you the courage to step out in faith, and he will lead and guide you.

Affirming Truth:

- I will walk in courage where God leads.

Scripture References:

- *Key Scripture: Matthew 7:7

- 1st Peter 2:9

If you are stuck in negative self-talk, sick and tired of your mental spiral, being run by anxiety, jealousy & fear and you are ready to step out and put in the work to renew your mind - send me an email to see if 1-on1 mentoring with me is the right fit for you!




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